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Spicing Up Your Relationship Routines with Tatyannah King

"Most people stick to 2 or 3 positions in the bedroom... [Quarantine] is a such a great time to get creative and switch things up"
Tatyannah King

This episode was a lot of fun, and I learned so much from Taty and her work down in North Carolina and her sleep orgasms. While we filmed this during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, there is so many incredible tips that can take your sex and dating life to the next level!

Scroll down for the full length video and links to Taty's work!

Taty and Alisha start off the conversation discussing how the COVID-19 pandemic shifted the relationship landscape, and made a lot of folks reflect on what they value in their relationship and how their current relationship is fulfilling those needs. Taty speaks about how the quarantine period has produced a lot of stress in relationship due to many stressors, such as work, school, family etc., making their ways into the home and bedroom.

Taty acknowledges that her personal dating life moved into the online apps, and dating sites as a result of the social distancing and quarantine measures that were in place. Being in these online forums provided a space of conversation without the physical intimacy expectations.

Taty and Alisha talk about the ways you can make every day objects in your home into mind blowing sex toys, exploring new sexual positions, and some of our key sex toys! We then discuss dating during the pandemic, and methods for connecting with new flings online.

You can connect with Taty below!

Twitter @taty_k_king

Instagram @taty_k_king

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