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A Basic Guide to Cleaning Your Sex Toys

Welcome back to the learning about pleasure series with me,

International Relationship Coach, Alisha Fisher!

Today, I will be taking you through my basic tips on how to clean your sex toys... lets be honest here, they've probably had a few more uses during quarantine then usual. Talk about having that love on lockdown! Ideally you should be cleaning your toys before and after use. Due to COVID protocols, we should not be sharing sex toys, especially outside of our social bubble!

For the basics, I will be covering Silicone Dildos, Vibrating/Motorized Silicone Dildos, and non-waterproof Silicone toys.

I recommend Sliquid Shine Toy Cleaner to for your sex toy cleaning needs, as it is organic, aloe vera based, and contains no fragrance. But, a gentle anti-bacterial soap will also work.

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