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"Let my passion guide and mentor others to create meaningful, deep, and loving connections to one another and themselves."

Alisha Fisher


Alisha Fisher is an International Relationship Coach, who has been involved with the field of Sexology since 2011. Her unique and passionate attitudes are just some of the reasons that couples reach out for her guidance. Her enthusiasm for combining research into sexual connection has been the driving force for her presentations and coaching sessions.

Since 2018, Alisha has worked extensively as an educator about Sexual Violence and Trauma-Informed Relationships. Leading over 200 workshops, professional development and presentations in 2019, Alisha has cultivated a culture of consent, in a meaningful, and captivating way. From Kindergarten to CEO's, Scout's Canada to Semi-Professional Athletes, Alisha has enlightened and empowered audiences from every background. 


Some of Alisha’s credentials include working with the top Sexpert in North America, Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, leading workshops, speaking at conferences, schools, and camps, and has been awarded for her involvement in sexual health.


Alisha has been certified with Sexual Attitude Reassessment, and has received training in Intensive Sex Therapy, Diversity, Consensual Non- Monogamy and Sexuality and Disability.

Alisha's academic background consists of acquiring her Master's Degree studying erotic imagery consumption in Cultural Analysis and Social Theory, an Honours Graduate Certificate in Victimology, and her Honours Degree in Psychology as a Research Specialist, with Minors in Women's and Gender Studies & Anthropology.

Alisha’s multi-disciplinary educational background has allowed her to reach out and connect with diverse sexualities and sexual backgrounds to create healthy, happy relationships. When Alisha isn’t involved in speaking engagements she dedicates her time to her educational pursuits, working with local sexual assault centers and updating her social media accounts.



"Alisha is a very talented and knowledgeable woman. With a very open mind and a courageous endeavor to inform the masses of an understanding of love and appreciation in which we should hold for everyone, she graciously stands up for those who feel they are without a voice, and will not back down to rebuttal. I always look forward to hearing or seeing what she has up her sleeve, as that's where she keeps her heart. Plain out in the open, for all the world to feel and see."

—  Alia, 26, Bisexual

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