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Exploration of Sex Toys with Marco from Uberrime

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

"This one is a foot long and two inches thick around. You'd be surprised how many of these fly out of the studio!" Marco, Uberrime

I get so many questions about all the lovely dildos that appear on my social media, and now the time has come to interview that man, the myth, the legend that creates them, Marco from Uberrime!

Uberrime, (Uber-ree-may) Latin for luxury, abundance, and or fruitfully copious.

Marco, who went from Chef to Cock-Creator, describes his produces as, "Skin safe Platinum Silicone is the foundation of all of my toys. Nearly all the toys begin as hand sculpted plugs in clay and resins. A silicone mold is then made around the sculpture into which the individual toys are cast one at a time."

Marco gives Inspire Intimacy an exclusive behind the scenes look at the creation of some of his brand new products, and the favorites. Of course, we get to the bottom of what the mini dildos are, and how they are used!

Connect with Marco on his website

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