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Pin Ups & Pasties with Burlesque Dancer Minnie Bombay

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

"Be warned, my tits are out!" Minnie Bombay

Have you ever wondered what the world of Burlesque is like, where to go see burlesque or how to get involved? Well this is the interview for you! Minnie Bombay is a Burlesque dancer based out of Ottawa, ON Canada. A true glitter and camp queen whose Pink Panther performance will leave you begging for more.

In this episode, I get to chat candidly with Minnie about her husband's reaction to her performing, and how her parents were shocked, yet proud to see her in action on the big stage.

We also move into discussions about how race and the burlesque scene in Ottawa... "I'm one of the few performers in Ottawa, and one of a handful who identify as Black. Blackness and Black history has a very contentious relationship with stripping and taking off your clothes for money. I think, historically, we as a community have been known to do that in dire situations... We don't want to fall back into that trap of performing for the white and male gaze. So, that's something that I'm very cognizant of. That being said, I have really enjoyed doing Burlesque as a way to take back that part of my life, and claim my body as my own." Minnie Bombay

You can connect with Minnie through Instagram @Minnie.Bombay

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