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S.1Ep.8: Social Anxiety and Relationships

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

Social Anxiety and Dream Interpretation Researcher Linnea Veloce breaks down her top scientific and experience-based tips on how to navigate Social Anxiety and Relationships.

Inspire Intimacy is back with another episode that has been in high demand... navigating social anxiety and your intimate relationships.

Social Anxiety and Dream Therapy researcher, Linnea Veloce, talks about why and how she studies social anxiety, what is social anxiety, and the usefulness of Dream Interpretation as a therapeutic method to best support clients who are socially anxious (so I had to ask about sex dreams).

Linnea gives her top scientific and experience-based tips on how to effectively support your partner who is socially anxious and if you are socially anxious, how to navigate the dating world.

You can connect with Linnea at

Social Anxiety Researcher Linnea Veloce and Alisha Fisher

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