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S.1 Ep.5: Super Fans & Intimacy with Jenna and Haley

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

Every Saturday night on 92.7 CFFF FM from 630-7pm Alisha will be live on air diving into the latest topics on relationships, sexuality, and intimacy.

On today's episode we have super fans Jenna and Haley talk about how they balance their love for a pop star, and the love in their relationship. Of course I ask a little about role play 😏

You’ve dedicated passion, time, copious amounts of energy, money, studying, and idolizing to someone you love… but what about your partner? Today we will be discussing how being a super fan of a popstar impacts relationships. How do super fans separate the love from their idol from their partner? Keeping up with fanbase drama, and studying every step their idol takes? How does worshiping one idol impact the worship in a relationship?

Left: Alisha, Jenna, and Haley
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