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S.1 Ep.4: Navigating Adult Playgrounds (Sex Clubs) with Fatima Mechtab

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

On this episode Alisha speaks to Event Producer and P.R. Powerhouse Fatima Mechtab! We discuss the world of Adult Playgrounds (sex clubs), Oasis events, and the impact of visiting an Adult Playground could have on your relationship.

Every Saturday night on 92.7 CFFF FM from 630-7pm Alisha will be live on air diving into the latest topics on relationships, sexuality, and intimacy.

Fatima Mechtab is an Event Producer and P.R. Powerhouse. She is not your average, cookie-cutter event planner. Her strengths lie in pushing boundaries and I thrive when presented with unique challenges & niche markets.

Fatima's marketing approach is bold, playful, strategic and eloquent. We will be discussing all things intimacy and her work at Oasis Aqualounge!

Fatima Mechtab at Oasis Aqualounge

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