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Dr Jess Featured Sexuality Superhero

Did you know I used to work under THE Dr Jess, Sex with Dr Jess??

As an aspiring sexuality educator, I looked up to Dr Jess as a true leader in our community. One day, at an Everything to do with Sex Show, I approached her and said, " Hi Dr Jess, my name is Alisha Fisher and I want to be just like you when I grow up... How can I make that happen?" Well, she gave me her card and the rest is history!

Check out an excerpt from the feature below!

How did you find yourself working in sexuality?

It was all the way back in Elementary School, that I found myself being fascinated with how people in intimate partnerships interacted. Asking myself questions like: Why were intimate relationships important? What was happening to our bodies that made us crave intimate touch? etc. Of course, my language was not as developed at that time, but I quickly became the sex-guru-go-to for all questions surrounding gender identity, gender roles, sexual orientations, Kinky connections, Role Play, relationship advice, sexual advice and so forth!

I blindly went into the world of Psychology, thinking that maybe my career was somewhere in this vast discipline. Second year Social Psychology was where I started to find my grove in Close Relationship Studies, and it was there that I started to understand the differences between a sexuality researcher, therapist and coach/educator.

As a Relationship, Intimacy and Flirtation Coach, I really pride myself on utilizing a variety of frameworks to enhance my skills as a Coach in this field. I also have a great “day job” at a local Sexual Assault Centre, where I educate the greater community around topics like Consent, Healthy Relationships, Boundaries, Supporting a Disclosure, and Making Spaces More Trauma Informed. These careers really go hand-in-hand as many are wanting to have great passionate connections, but have experienced a trauma that hinders their ability to feel it.

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