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Don't Let Self-Care Take a Backseat: How Entrepreneurs Can Care for Themselves

This article is written by Brad Krause

"Self-care advocate Brad Krause is inspired to help others improve their overall well-being through self-care."

As an entrepreneur, you have the freedom to run your business how you want. Unfortunately, when your focus is on running a company, you may spend less time on your own mental health and wellness. Workplace stress can negatively impact your personal relationships when you bring that stress home, which is just one reason why self-care is important.

To be your best self in your personal life and on the job, you need to practice self-care. Inspire Intimacy presents a few things you can do to make sure self-care doesn’t fall by the wayside.

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Delegate Your Responsibilities for Flexibility

Like most entrepreneurs, you may struggle with anxiety because of the high stakes of running your own business. In the past, certain social taboos stopped business owners from talking about mental health, but there is more acceptance now of the psychological pressures entrepreneurs face.

With running a business, you may juggle countless roles while dealing with setbacks, staffing or financial issues. You cannot do everything on your own. Instead, as Mod Girl Marketing points out, hire staff or freelancers and delegate tasks to others. Successful delegation enables you to free up your time to focus on essential aspects of the company. Tasks you can delegate include:

● Data entry

● Creating graphics

● Social media and marketing

● Overseeing freelancers

You cannot expect yourself to have knowledge and experience in every aspect of your business. Consultants can offer expertise in areas that you lack knowledge in and may have creative ideas that only outside help could provide. They can also pick up the slack when it comes to applying for small business grants, funds that can help alleviate whatever financial burdens may be on your books due to any number of reasons.

You also need to know your strengths and your team's strengths. Effective leaders know their strengths and weaknesses and can recognize talent in other individuals to help boost their business.

Focus on Relaxation and Mental Health

Take time for activities that make you happy. A part of self-care is finding hobbies you enjoy and that can help you relieve stress. A hobby may be as simple as enjoying music. According to Harvard Medical School, if you listen to music for 30 minutes every day, you can lower your blood pressure.

Other relaxing hobbies include:

● Gardening

● Reading

● Knitting

● Journaling

● Hiking

● Gaming

Think about the types of activities you enjoy and decide how to fit them into your free time. To benefit your mental and physical health, consider hitting the gym every so often. When you work out, it boosts your energy, helps maintain weight, and fights depression and anxiety.

Aerobic exercise, such as dancing, running, and roller skating, increases your heart rate and releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins. These are natural opiates to help you feel good without any harmful side effects.

Let the Outdoors Heal You

According to research cited by the American Psychological Association, strolling through the wilderness can provide a variety of benefits. People have a natural connection to nature, and when you interact with the outdoors, it can calm your mind, especially if you have difficulty pulling away from busy thoughts. Nature can trigger a physiological response to lower a person's stress levels.

Consider going for regular hikes or spending time camping for the weekend to alleviate anxiety from the workweek. As your own boss, you have the freedom to choose the time you take off. If you need help becoming more acquainted with the great outdoors, look online to find excursions to enjoy.

Self-care can alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression while making you a more productive entrepreneur. Along with finding more manageable ways to do business, it can be as easy as paying attention to your health, working out, and spending time in the great outdoors.

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