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Do Humans Hook Up Like Animals? *THE COPS COME*

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Inspire Intimacy Season 2 Episode 5, Do Humans Hook Up Like Animals?

Naturalist on Relationships, as it is interrupted by the cops!!

On this episode of Inspire Intimacy, Alisha is bringing in Naturalist Colton Johnstone, to speak about how the natural environment can impact our relationships.

We will talk about the impacts that being outside can have on your relationship, and physical health, and speak about the number of ways we, as humans, are influenced by animal hook up culture. Talk about being o' naturel 🌱🌱

Colton Johnstone Website: Instagram:

More about Colton Johnstone,

"Growing up in Tiny township I spent much of my childhood exploring the forested areas near my home. Being located just a short walk from the southern shores of Georgian Bay, I spent a lot of time in the water. During high school I began working at Awenda Provincial Park, a place that would inspire many of my interests. Over the course of 9 years working as a naturalist, I would finish high school, acquire a degree in environmental studies and develop an obsession with capturing wildlife on camera. Now having finished up the EVC program I hope to provide the public with positive messaging that promotes participation with regards to conservation work. I hopes to inspire others to take a greater interest in the natural world and strive to protect it."

Songs Featured...

Sampson- Shake the Fire

Huge shout out to @UberrimeDildos

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