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Super Fans Become Engaged!

Cue the Wedding Bells! The Super Fans are super in love... with each other!!

You may remember my interview with Super Fans Jenna and Haley, talking about how they navigate the love they have for pop stars, and their love for each other. Well, it seems they have found a Bad Romance that has made them Roar into marriage! Heh heh, see what I did there??

It was an eerie, Hallowe'e'n evening in Las Vegas when Haley and Jenna were checking out Enigma, Lady Gaga's Residency show, when Haley got down on one knee and popped the question.

The Proposal in Vegas!

According to Jenna's Facebook, "...but last night Haley coordinated the most magical moment. After 120 yellow letters got thrown on stage by our friends and family to catch Gaga’s attention (help so cute and thoughtful) Haley proposed. I can’t begin to imagine the time and planning that so many people put into this."

Congratulations to the beautiful couple on their engagement!

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