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Navigating Eating Disorders and Body Image Issues in Relationships

There's no such thing as "good" or "bad" food, and no such thing as "reward" food... Food is a normal and natural thing to consume!
Hya, Mental Health Advocate and Researcher

Your body image is the view you have of your own physical features. It includes the actual way you see yourself when you look at your reflection but even more importantly, the inner view you carry around about how you appear to others. It's one thing to think your appearance isn't quite up to snuff but what you may not realize is that when you’re dissatisfied with your body image, you can carry these negative self-perceptions into your relationships. Discomfort with your body can translate into discomfort with the sex you and your partner have. In turn, your partner may feel that you’re not happy with the relationship in general, and a vicious cycle becomes set into motion.

Poor body image perception can have a major impact on the quality of your life in all areas of your life, be it at work or in your personal life. Low self-esteem and low confidence can stop you from stepping out from your comfort zone and grow.

But how exactly does a negative body image can impact our relationships? Discomfort with your body can easily translate into discomfort with intimate relationships with your partner, mainly starting from the idea that you don’t want to be seen naked by your partner. In turn, your partner may not be so happy about how your intimacy is going or may think that you avoid intimacy because you are not happy with the relationship in general. And, you see, all these thoughts create a vicious circle that inevitably affects the relationship.

Hya, Mental Health Advocate and Researcher, discusses the mental health impacts of eating disorders and body image issues, and how it can (or not) reveal itself within a relationship. Hya then reveals her top tips for how to discuss eating disorders and body image issues within a relationship, as well as how diet culture may be negatively impacting our romantic and sexual lifestyles with our partner(s)!

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